Funding decisions are made by the foundation board in the spring and autumn of each year.

Next submission deadline for initial inquiries:
October 21, 2024 (Board meeting December 2, 2024)

!! We changed our grant application process !!

Step 1


Before submitting an application, please make sure to check our funding criteria.

Step 2

Grant application

If your project meets our funding criteria, you can send us an initial enquiry using our online tool. It is sufficient to briefly outline your project and fill in the mandatory fields. We have a two-stage procedure. Should we therefore require further information, we will invite you to submit this via the tool and complete the form.

Step 3

Funding decision

Your application will be carefully reviewed, which often involves an interview, on-site visit or consultation with experts. Please allow sufficient time, as it can take several months before a decision is made.

In the event of a positive preliminary review by the Executive Board, all applications

  • above CHF 10,000 are submitted to the Board of Trustees for a decision. Deadlines are announced at the top of this page.
  • up to CHF 10,000 are made on an ongoing basis by the President and Executive Board.

Important Notes

In case of technical problems

  • Please use Chrome/Firefox/Microsoft Edge as your browser. Internet Explorer cannot be used with our Online Tool.
  • Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that emails from the system end up in the spam filter (e.g. during registration). Please check there before contacting the Foundation.
  • If you are unable to use the online tool, you can send an email in exceptional cases. Enquiries sent by post will not be processed.