Welcome to the Max Kohler Foundation

The foundation uses a two-stage process to evaluate grant applications. We ask that you first send us a short enquiry for initial review. Should we decide to move forward, we will invite you to submit a complete formal application.

Applications up to CHF 10,000 will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. 
Applications for more than CHF 10,000 will reviewed twice a year in the Foundation Board meetings. 

The next board meeting will be on November 22, 2018 (deadline for submission of applications: Oct 31, 2018).

Grant application process

Stage 2: Full grant application

If we decide to move forward, we will invite you to submit a complete grant application and provide you with an application template.

We will carefully review this application, which could involve personal meetings and on-site visits. For this reason, please plan enough time for us to clear up any questions we may have. If the Executive Director positively assesses your application, it will be presented to the Foundation Board for a final decision.

After the Foundation Board meeting, you will receive a decision in writing as to whether or not your application has been approved.


  • A positive assessment by the Executive Director is not a final approval.
  • Should we approve funds of CHF 50,000 or more, both parties will be required to sign a grant agreement.
  • Please be aware that applications for endeavours that are explicitly excluded in the list of funding criteria will not be reviewed.