The Max Kohler Foundation supports efforts that use the arts as a transformational force and are distinguished by their high level of quality, professionalism and the passionate dedication of those in charge. 


Art for Art 

We help people experience and interact with exceptional art and invest in exhibitions and performances in the areas of fine art, music, opera and dance. Furthermore, we also support research projects with international significance from the areas specified above.

Currently, the Max Kohler Foundation  only accepts grant applications in the area of ART.

We do not accept accept unsolicited applications in other cultural areas. 


Arts for Change

Children and young people in challenging situations particularly benefit from the power that art has to encourage and foster personal development. We therefore support programmes that are run by specialists who use the arts as a vehicle to overcome life’s challenges or support therapy work.


Art of Empowerment

We want to help children and young people to fully tap into their potential regardless of where they come from or their current situations. That is why we support efforts in the area of child protection as well as programmes that promote integration, both of which contribute to the development of children and young people with special needs in Switzerland.