Heart Association

2014 - 2020

Heart Association

Heart Association


Based on the unique method of Juli Beattie, founder of At the Bus and The Art Room in the UK, HEART was launched in Switzerland in 2014 as an art education support program for children with special needs aged 5 to 12.

The starting point for the programme is the conviction that engaging in the creative process and being exposed to and thinking about art positively influences children’s development. 

With its structured and closely supervised setting, the HEART method helps children with difficult life situations to develop their own strategies in order to cope with the individual challenges they face. The programme encourages the development of social and interpersonal skills such as decision-making skills, autonomy and taking responsibility. The art therefore acts as a bridge to reach the children, thus taking on a therapeutic effect.

Evaluations in England have already shown that the programme significantly reduces emotional and behavioural problems.

HEART is a tax-exempted non-profit association which is headquartered in Zurich and was established in 2015. Sessions are provided for schools in the districts of Schwamendingen and Glattal.