Max Kohler (1924–2003) was a successful entrepreneur and visionary. Kohler was born in the village Grenchen, Switzerland, but his curiosity and adventurous spirit led him to travel the world in the early years of his career. Coming into contact with a variety of people and cultures inspired him both personally and professionally. 

Thanks to his financial success, Max Kohler was able throughout his life to not only pursue his passion for art and classical music, but also to share his passion with others. His love for the opera led him to become an important patron of the Zurich Opera House and international festivals. 
In terms of art, Kohler not only amassed a collection of some of the most important Classical Modern and Swiss art, but also dedicated himself to supporting young artists and art historians at different universities and research institutions. 

Education was also of great importance for Max Kohler. Together with his wife, Jacqueline, he founded the renowned Rietberg Montessori School in Zurich in 1987. 
In the spirit of its founder, the Max Kohler Foundation aims to make a lasting contribution to youth and culture in Switzerland. 

His legacy is our promise for the future.